Kristina Jackson and L.A. Tripp Launch Inspiring Indies

Indie authors need all the help we can get—every single edge can make a difference in getting our book in front of more readers and help establish our brands.

I did not invent blogging, contrary to wildly inaccurate claims being made in the upcoming autobiography I am now writing. Nonetheless, I was touched when Kristina Jackson reached out to let me know she and Toney L.A. Tripp were starting a blog to help indie authors. It made me feel like the Godfather. I blessed her and sent her on her way, reminding her that the day may come when I will ask her for a favor. I don’t want her to worry about it. That day may never come—except it will. I’m thinking a week from Tuesday.

Kristina and Toney’s new blog, Inspiring Indies  is about inspiring authors and giving readers a chance to win some great books and to show the human side to those authors who have that going on. They will be hosting guest bloggers and conducting interviews (probably using now outlawed techniques). They will also feature articles and fun challenges, along with celebrating the achievements of fellow indie authors.

Please go on over and give them a warm indie welcome. We at Indies Unlimited wish Kristina and Toney great success!


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