From Me to IU

Dearest IU (and all IU readers/fans/idolaters)

Since my brain is missing the part that generates imagination, wit, and style, I’m going to make this very, very short, but very, very sweet. I can’t let this auspicious day go by without saying a few words, so if you were thinking about making a quick cuppa or taking a pee break, then now’s the time to do it, and then you’ll miss this.

Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Indies Unlimited. And, thank you. Thank you, Steve, and thank you, Kat, for allowing me to participate in a venture in which a group of talented authors and writers contribute regularly making my days brighter, richer, and funnier. The privilege to be part of such a wonderful team is never forgotten by me.

More importantly, I’m honoured to have met and become friends with some of the loveliest people from all over the world, who not only make me laugh every day, they never cease to teach me about all things literary.

It’s been a fantastic IU year; may there be many, many more.

Happy Birthday to ya’ all. (Did you like the way I did that?  I was trying to sound a bit American…).  Lots of love, Cathy.


Author: Cathy Speight

Reviewer Cathy Speight is British and lives in England. The Kindle revived her passion for reading and after stumbling on a Facebook group of independent authors, she now does her best to encourage and assist indies as much as possible. Books by indie author form the majority of her collection. Cathy shares her views on the books she has read on her blog.

18 thoughts on “From Me to IU”

  1. Cathy, Your brain is largely comprised of the part that generates wit and style. Thanks for this lovely post and thanks for being part of all this. 🙂

  2. Looking at the picture, Cathy – I thought you were going hit us with a mind explosion! Such a lovely message you posted though. And thanks to Steve and Kat for the valuable information you have shared. Also thanks to all your contributors who have given me amazing ideas. Happy birthday IU.


  3. Lovely post.
    Congratulations to the Evil Mastermind and the multi-talented K.S. Brooks for this dynamic writer resource. I have enjoyed working with everyone associated with IU.
    Happy birthday, IU!

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