Sneak Peek: Love’s True Second Chance

Today we have a sneak peek from Love’s True Second Chance, a memoir by Jeff Dawson.

How many remember their first true love? The constant feeling of butterflies dancing in your stomach each time that special love smiled at you or the anticipation of going to the movies, a walk or of more importance, parking? And what of the terrible break-up? Can those age old memories of hurt be placed in check to give love a second chance knowing he/she could slip through your fingers again, but this time, not by choice—cancer. Is worth giving your heart to them one more time knowing the pain of loss will eclipse the pain of the past? YES!

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Here is an excerpt from Love’s True Second Chance

Meeting the parents on our first date went really well. Something told me that in twelve hours the winds of fate had taken a different turn. I get into Dad’s mammoth green four door Impala and head to what feels like impending doom. What did I do? What could have gone wrong? Will I be able to see her again?

I pulled up to the curb and slowly took that long walk to the front door really looking forward to re-meeting her parents still trying to figure out what went wrong. I didn’t have to ring the doorbell, her father was waiting at the front door and ushered me into the foyer. “Good to see you Jeff, follow me.” When a dad says, “Good to see you again,” less then twelve hours after the initial meeting, it is not a good sign. No last rite, no last meal, and no blindfold! This can’t be good. He led me into the family room. Her father took a station to my right; Debbie is sitting on the couch to my left with her customary girlish grin, and her mother is sitting to Debbie’s left with a disapproving scowl. Only two things were missing, a yardarm with a rope. It could have been conveniently placed in the kitchen.

Her mother started the interrogation by asking, “Jeff, did you know that Debbie has a curfew?”

I said, “Yes, it is 1:00am. Debbie told me so.” That was mistake number one.

Her mother quickly informed me that her curfew was 12:00am. That meant she was in the house at 12:00am not 12:01 or 12:02. 12:00 o’clock was the hour. Her father said nothing. He was watching my body language for any sign of a slip-up (I am convinced that the wrong shrug or minor grin, and he would produce a rubber hose and make me talk). Since I was telling the truth I was temporarily safe from being evicted from the premises. I looked at Debbie as she slid a little lower down in the couch just smiling at me. Damn, I couldn’t be mad at her, just upset. I let her parents know that this mistake would never be repeated again. They were emphatic that it would not happen again. If it did, we would not be dating. I looked her right in the eyes and let her parents know, “This mistake will not be made again.” All she did was smile.

Well, now that that was cleared up, I asked if she could go to the game today. “No. She is grounded for two weeks.”

What? Two weeks. She slid a little lower down in the couch and did her best sorry smile she could muster. I was not happy! What a great first date. Great points with the parents. What is the future going to hold?

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