Featured Book: Wardens of Light and Shadow

Wardens of Light and Shadow (Dracus Saga)
by J.M. Williamson
Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Wardens. Selected for their strong, innate connection to the lifeblood of the world, these unique individuals were granted the gift of immortality and tasked with the protection of Kylir and its ancient Guardians against the Darkness.

Where once they warred openly, raining unimaginable destruction upon the world, the centuries have seen their conflict shift to the shadows in the hope of gaining victory through the manipulation of the mundane instead of open, devastating conflict. For what victory is there in reigning over a dead world?

On the continent of Triclose, war is life and life is war. For two-hundred years, the proud people of this land have battled for control of the long-empty throne – the Wardens and their war, lost to the annals of myth and legend. The children of this land are raised on stories of their ancestors and noble battles against life-long enemies; thus, with each new generation loyalties are sworn, hatreds renewed, and the wars begin anew.

It is here, even as this never-ending cycle of generational warfare plays out, that events both unexpected and foreseen threaten to draw the ancient Wardens from the shadows and reignite a war with the cataclysmic potential to reshape Kylir for all time. . .

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