Featured Book: Queen’s Gold

Queen's GoldQueen’s Gold
by Melissa Bowersock
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Hal Thompson undergoes a hypnotic past-life regression that  reveal the hiding place of ancient Aztec gold. murder, and a love that spans centuries. When his family is threatened, he is forced to plunge into the jungles of Mexico. Can he find the gold before it claims more lives?


The sound of the water roared in his ears. It slapped against the wall behind him, surged over the radio board. It soaked the bottom edges of his life vest. He pushed against the radio panel, pounded on it with the heel of his hand, threw his good shoulder into it. The water swirled around his chest and splashed up on his chin. He clawed at the panel in a mindless, glazed panic. He no longer seemed to have a body. The water circled around his neck, splashed in his eyes. Breathing through his mouth in a frenzied, panting way, he gulped in some water.

It tasted like blood.

He screamed.

What others are saying:

“This book has all the ingredients of a great read: a page-turning story, romance, adventure, a romp through an exotic historical place (ancient Aztecs), suspense, sleuthing, rich character development, and unexpected twists in the plot.” – B. Prosser

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