Poll: Who is Your Favorite Bestselling Romance Author ?

The romance genre of fiction is reportedly the most popular and is said to have a market share the size of the mystery novel genre and science fiction/fantasy genre markets combined.

Romance novels boast a sizable and dedicated audience of readers.  Does anyone remember seeing a  multi-genre bestseller list without at least one romance title in it? Let’s find out who among these bestselling romance authors is your favorite.

Which is your favorite of these bestselling romance authors?

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Working Through Writer’s Block by Rachel Rossano

Author Rachel Rossano
Author Rachel Rossano

Writer’s block impedes the best of us. Life, circumstances, lack of sleep, or an uncooperative brain create slumps in my writing productivity frequently. When the situation gets really bad, not one of my three or more projects grabs my interest. At those times, I work through my list of tactics, hoping one of them will renew the creative spark. Here are my favorites.

1) Read, read, read and read some more – The written word inspires. Well written books, contain insights into the craft. A well-turned phrase, flowing description, or poignant moment between characters demonstrates so much more than the best self-help book. Read the masters, the best sellers, and the authors excelling in the genre you wish to master. Enjoy and analyze. Why does a specific phrase stir you? What is it that catches your attention? How do they build the suspense or craft the hook? Continue reading “Working Through Writer’s Block by Rachel Rossano”

Congratulations to Author Fred Ledley

Sputnik's ChildThe Space Foundation has recognized Fred Ledley’s first novel Sputnik’s Child as a Certified Space Imagination Product(TM). The novel recalls the events that shaped the ideas and lives of the baby boom generation and laid the groundwork for an age of technology and its challenges. It explores how a generation was inspired by the Apollo missions to the Moon, the drama of Apollo 13 and the tragedy of Space Shuttle Challenger. Told through the eyes of a woman born the day Sputnik was launched in 1957, the story follows her from childhood through the “Age of Aquarius,” a time of social malaise, the “Me” decade and years of irrational exuberance to experience both the full potential of a technological age and its unfulfilled promise.

“Readers of this engaging novel will relive the emotions they felt hearing the Apollo astronauts read Genesis from lunar orbit, watching men walk on the lunar surface and witnessing the tragedy of Challenger and they’ll recall how these experiences shaped their identities and ideas.” said Iian Roberts, Vice President – education, Space Foundation.

Sputnik’s Child is available in paperback and electronic editions from Amazon.com, online retailers and by request at bookstores.You can learn more about Fred and his book on his website, and you can read the full announcement on the Space Foundation’s website here.[subscribe2]