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Guest Post Feature

Are you interested in adding your unique perspective to the pages of Indies Unlimited? We are always interested in well-written articles on the subjects of writing, editing, formatting, cover design, marketing & promotion, social media platform building, reader outreach, publishing software, distribution channels, and opinion pieces on hot topics in the publishing industry.

The benefit of a guest post feature to you is that it provides a platform to a whole new and very wide audience of other authors, publishers, and readers. This exposure can pique interest in your writing in a way that a direct pitch about your books may not. Since guest posts do not feature a specific book, authors do not have to go through the vetting process to participate.

Here are a few things you need to know before you pitch us a guest post:

All submissions must be original, unpublished content. We do not accept material that has been published elsewhere – not even if it was just on your own blog.

The act of submitting a guest post confers limited rights and usage. Specifically, we don’t claim to own your article, but we do own our copy of it. You can still submit or post it elsewhere. We will not republish, repackage, or sell our copy of your article.

Guest posts are not for selling your book or service. That’s what ads are for.

Indies Unlimited does not purchase content and we do not charge for guest posts.

Do not send us unsolicited posts. Query first, using the form below. Include your name, the subject about which you wish to write, and if it is technical – please include your credentials. If we are interested in your proposed post, we will send you the guidelines. Make sure to FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES in crafting and submitting your article.

Do not send unedited or unproofread posts. Indies Unlimited is staffed by volunteers and we do not have the bandwidth to edit or revise your article.

Want to write a guest post but not sure where to start? This article – How to Write a Blog Article – will help guide you and give you tips on how to maximize your exposure using Indies Unlimited’s high-traffic platform.

If you are ready to move forward, please use our form on the contact page to reach out to us. Thank you.