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Video trailers are a fun, different, and visual way to get the word out about your book. There are varied opinions as to whether video trailers help book sales: some saying it’s a waste of time, others swearing by them. Whichever camp you’re in, you cannot deny the power of Google search, and since YouTube is owned by Google, videos tend to come up at the top of their results.

Below we’ve included links to articles which will help you design, create, and distribute your own video trailer. Have fun!


What Is a Book Video Trailer?
Video Trailer Nuts and Bolts


Make Free Book Trailers with Lumen5
Create a Book Trailer Using Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint
How to Make a Book Trailer in iMovie
Making Book Trailers with YouTube’s Video Editor
Using Animoto to Make a Thirty Second Book Trailer

Making a Video Trailer with Windows Movie Maker
Video Trailers: So Many Options (Platforms)
Making Video Trailers on


Royalty-free Images and Music
More Free Music and Photos
Licensing Music for Book Trailers
6 Places to Find Public Domain Images
Melinda Clayton’s Free Graphics Resources for Authors


How to Add a Clickable Link Inside Your Book Trailer
Adding Live Links to Your Video’s Description

Building Your Video Empire

Updated 2-11-2018

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