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Promotion on Indies Unlimited

When it comes to promotion, we approach things a little differently than most sites.

  • All vendors who want to advertise must go through a vetting process. Not all vendor adsare accepted.
  • Our ads have permalinks. Most websites run a promotion for a short time, and then those links are gone.
  • Each ad is broadcast in our weekly digest email to our subscribers, to our Facebook fans, on Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Google+, and to our Twitter followers. Our admins often also share posts, and our staff writers, if they see a book which interests them, will do the same on multiple platforms.
  • We don’t track visitors, per se. What we do follow is our Alexa ranking, which is more valuable since they allow a comparison to other web sites, and tell us how long people stay, and how many articles they view on average while they’re here. If you’re not familiar with Alexa, this very short article explains it. Our current rankings are at

Some of the effectiveness of the ad also depends on the vendor. If the vendor is disinterested and unresponsive to comments (if there are any), then the ad will not pack the punch it could. We recommend an article called “Putting Your Indies Unlimited Features to Work for You” which we recommend everyone read.

If you are interested in purchasing an ad or pursuing any of our free features, please use the contact form on the advertising page. If your site is approved, we will send you the link to our PayPal page so you can make the purchase.

Once PayPal has notified us of your purchase, we will contact you using your PayPal e-mail address. If you use a different e-mail account or name than you used to make the query, we may ask for verification. If additional material is needed from you to prepare your promo, we will advise you of any remaining information we may need. Since promos comprise only a portion of overall site content, it may be a couple of weeks before your ad can be scheduled.

Thanks for supporting Indies Unlimited.

Promotional Services and Packages


Indies Unlimited is dedicated to celebrating, informing, and promoting indie authors. This site provides a platform that can increase your exposure and introduce your work to new readers. The array of free features includes guest posts, Thrifty Thursdays, Print Book Paradise, Kindle Unlimited Fridays, and our weekly flash fiction challenge. The submissions guidelines are explained in detail on the Submissions Page. This article explains all the different ways you can use Indies Unlimited to promote yourself and your books.


IMPORTANT: Indies Unlimited does not accept all vendor ads. Services, events, or products submitted to Indies Unlimited must go through our internal vetting process. PLEASE query with a link to your  services prior to purchasing an ad. You can see the different advertising options here:

Promotion of products, services, or events

Do you sell a product or service that would be useful to authors? Then it makes sense to advertise where authors congregate. That place is Indies Unlimited. Here are examples of some products, services, programs and resources that would appeal to authors:

Author-centric services may include editing, formatting, cover design, or book promotion.

General services that may be of use to authors may include website design, maintenance, or hosting; entertainment or copyright legal services; data security and retrieval; or, social media technical support.

Authors attend workshops, seminars, conventions, book fairs, and other events related to writing, publishing, and marketing.

Contests, Competitions, and Award Programs
Most authors are interested in adding a little something to their book’s resume. This promo is available for fee-based programs only.

Educational Resources
Do you provide online resources, webinars, training programs, or workshops that may benefit authors?

Hardware or Software
Authors are always in the market for something that will make it easier to navigate the turbulent seas of today’s publishing environment. Software for book formatting, credit card readers that can be used at book signings, cover design software, etc.

Please check out our vendor advertising page to see the different promo packages for providers.

PLEASE use the form below to query with a link to your services before purchasing an ad.
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