Resource: Editing & Working with Editors

At Indies Unlimited, we take pride in showing authors how they can do anything and everything for free – by doing it themselves. But there is ONE thing that we say you should pay for – and that’s for quality editing.

Editing is really not something you should do yourself, especially not if you’re a newbie. Don’t even be tempted.  Of course, there are things you can do to reduce the cost of editing: lots of self-editing, and using alpha and beta readers. These folks will help you polish your manuscript so by the time it gets to your editor, it’s nice and sparkly.

Below we’ve provided links to articles which will help you self-edit. We’ve also included some links about hiring and working with editors. We’ll be adding more articles as we publish them. Best of luck with your manuscript!

Self-Editing Tips

How to Hire an Editor

Choosing the Right Editor

Working with Your Editor’s Edits in MS Word

Other articles on editing


The editors below are used by some of the staff right here at Indies Unlimited. Of course, as with any service, your mileage may vary, but our staff is pretty happy with them. (Here they are, in no particular order…)

Hilton Proofreading and Editing
Melissa Bowersock
Editing TLC
Laurie Boris
David Antrobus
Gordon Long
Illumined Essence Editing


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