Top 5 Rules for Promoting Your Brand on Social Media

social media platforms Guest Post
By Chris Armitage

Social media has the power to connect you with your audience and this can be done for free, making it an incredibly powerful tool for democratizing marketing! Through years of trial and error and hundreds of hours of training, these simple rules have made a world of difference in my social media work. The advice being shared here is identical to what is shared with my closest friends and family who have a need to grow their social media following and aren’t ready to make the leap to hiring a professional.

Bottom Line Up Front or B.L.U.F.

More of the right followers engaging with your content means you make more money or bring more attention to your cause. You can grow your following without spending a cent.

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Update: Glossary Generator for Writers is Online!

glossary book-1850739_640 courtesy of pixabayGuest Post by
James Murdo

If you read my article back in March, you’ll recall that I wrote a software program called Glossary Generator (GG) to generate glossaries for books so we writers didn’t have to do it manually. At that time, was only available as a Microsoft download, however now the tool is available fully online, meaning you don’t need to download it to your computer.

Why did I create GG?

Writers, especially Indie writers, have many constraints on their time. No one can possibly master all the processes of being ‘an author’ in a time-efficient manner. Certain tools exist to help with proof-reading, marketing, and so on, but glossary generation often remains a painstaking, procrastination-worthy task. Continue reading “Update: Glossary Generator for Writers is Online!”

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Book Sales

increase your book sales

Guest Post
by Dave Chesson

You’ve written a book and you want nothing more than to publish it and get some sales. Or you’ve already published and you’re not seeing the sales you wanted or expected. Unfortunately, selling books often isn’t as simple as that old adage, “If you build it, they will come.”

That’s why we’re going to take a look at 5 ways you can increase your book sales that are easy, and in the case of the first four on the list, cost effective.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to do genre research to better position your books
  • What resources are the best for refining your blurb
  • Where you can format your book description for Amazon
  • How to ensure you’re ranking in the correct categories
  • What author swaps are and how to use them
  • Why Facebook ads are a great tool for authors

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9 Tips for Creating Amazon Ads that Convert

amazon kindle image1 (004)

Guest Post
by Dave Chesson

Amazon ads can be a big opportunity for authors looking to up their sales especially during a time where it’s difficult to write the next book (like now, for instance). But if you don’t know how to use them intelligently, they can also be a big waste of money and time.

In this article, we’ll look at 9 tips all authors can use when advertising on Amazon, including: Continue reading “9 Tips for Creating Amazon Ads that Convert”