Resources for Authors: Legal

At Indies Unlimited, we happily provide as many useful resources as possible to help writers. When the subject area is beyond our expertise or experience, we try to point folks toward other resources that may be useful. One of the areas with which writers may need assistance from time-to-time is with matters of a legal nature.

Whether you have concerns about a contract, copyright issues, tax considerations, intellectual property, or other legal issues, the following links may be helpful to you:

Indies Unlimited Articles on Copyright and Law

Copyright and a Case for Why We Should
Copyrights and Copywrongs
Copyrights: Obtaining Permission (or not)
A Screed on Copyright
Anatomy of a Copyright Page
When Your Books Outlive You – Estate Planning Experts Offer Advice for Writers
Legal Advice: You Get What You Pay For

Free Legal Resources for Authors
Please be aware: laws vary by country, province, and state. Make sure to contact someone familiar with the laws in your area.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts – USA Directory
Arts Law Centre of Australia
Canadian Artists’ Representation- CARFAC

Legal Blogs for Authors

Rights of Writers – A blog about writing and the law. – Copyrights, Trademarks, Publishing, Intellectual Property, and more

Researching and Dealing with Scammers

How to Spot a Scam
Writer Beware
Preditors and Editors
The Case Against Author Solutions

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