Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari

Alex Canton-Dutari

Author Alex Canton-Dutari (Alejandro Cantón-Dutari) was born in the Republic of Panama in 1944, where he still resides. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and worked in the field of clinical sexology from 1967 to 2006.  Though retired from clinical practice, his grandson, Dieguito insists he is not retired because,  “Abuelito, you write books.”

Alex is a widower with three boys and four grandchildren.  He describes himself as  a humanitarian by belief and actions, and stays interested in world affairs.

He is a prolific indie author who has published short novels, a textbook on sex therapy, two self-help books on sexual orientation and many scientific articles. He is not the kind of man who’ll be nervous or put off by the fact that this interview may be read by upwards of a dozen people. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari”

What Reviewers Want (Part 1)

In the movie, “What Women Want,” Mel Gibson’s character is able to read women’s minds after he suffers an electrocution event. Is there anything electrocution can’t do? It got me wondering, wouldn’t it be nice if authors knew what reviewers want? Continue reading “What Reviewers Want (Part 1)”

Thanks for a Great First Day!

And a great time was had by all...

What a great first day! Indies Unlimited received over one million visitors (as far as you know). Okay, but I will state affirmatively that it was some fraction of a million visitors. My Facebook author page also broke 1000 likes. To top it off my novel, UPGRADE received a great review at Book Junkie Reviews:

I want to thank everybody who stopped by and especially those who left comments. I appreciate all the support and look forward to bringing you some quality content.

I have a lot of interviews lined up with some of the great indie authors you either know or should know, and some special events and announcements forthcoming, so please check back often.


Welcome to Indies Unlimited!

chimp at typewriter
File photo of me trying to blog before my wife took pity and helped me.

Welcome one and all to Indies Unlimited, a blog for independent authors and independent readers.

The people have spoken. Nearly one percent of my Facebook fans (as well as some guy I met at a diner) all felt very strongly that I should start a blog – or at least they didn’t strongly object.

This fits well with my plans of total world domination. So now I set forth, following in the footsteps of other rich and famous bloggers like what’s-his-name and that one lady – you know the ones I mean, right? Never mind then.

Anyway, to throw you off the scent of my evil plan, this blog won’t really be about me. I want to keep you distracted by providing the very best entertainment that (no) money can buy. Here, you will find interviews with authors, reviewers and other industry bigwigs. I will continue the photo caption contests here as just a fun exercise to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll also see links, articles, reviews, memorable quotes and all kinds of things to divert and amuse you while I go through your pockets looking for loose change.

For now, it’s a one-man-show, but as soon as I stock up on duct tape and chloroform, I’ll be adding some co-bloggers. In the mean-time go ahead and snoop around. Do come back soon though.