What Comes After Free?

Many years ago, I read an article that asked what I thought was a provocative question: What will come after television? I had never considered the question, of course. I was born in the television generation and took for granted that the medium would always be around. Once the question was asked, I could see how television was really no different than any of the other technologies, all of which are eventually replaced with something else.

The same question can really be asked of any innovation. What will come next? What will make this obsolete? Continue reading “What Comes After Free?”

Is Anyone Listening When I’m Not Here?

What would happen if you threw a party and no one came?

Do you ever feel like that in our world of indie writing and publishing? We continuously talk and promote our books through Twitter, Facebook and other sites. We talk about these things all the time on this site. Hell, I am one of the biggest proponents of social media. In fact, I earn the majority of my non-writing income now from helping companies set up and maintain social media sites and campaigns.

How necessary is it?

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Preparing for Your KDP Select Free Days by Rex Jameson

[Editor Note: This step-by-step list is a great guide for promoting your free book through KDP Select. We used Rex’s methods to promote BAD BOOK at the end of June and had good success.]

Back when I first started using KDP Select, I used the Squidoo list by theinformationlady to promote my KDP Select promotion periods. I have had some pretty lousy results from Select recently, and I decided to revisit this and try to ferret out the proper way to do this. Here is my current process for promoting KDP Select titles:

Step 1: Make sure you have reviews BEFORE you settle on your promotion dates

Shortly after I published The Goblin Rebellion, I scheduled a KDP Select 2-day promotion over a month later and informed all the major sites without having any reviews for the book in place. I didn’t receive any emails back from ENT or POI, but I was in conversations with 2 book bloggers and had given away 50 copies at LibraryThing to try to garner some reviews. There were at least five people, counting the book bloggers, who told me they should be able to hit the promotion deadline.

None of them came through. Continue reading “Preparing for Your KDP Select Free Days by Rex Jameson”

Get Your Free eBooks Here!

Welcome to another edition of  “Freebie Friday” – our celebration of free e-books!

We had an amazing 27 books posted yesterday, and it was difficult selecting only five freebies and one bonus book from all the choices! But you’ll find them below. Five free books? On a Friday no less? Damn straight. We adore alliteration here at Indies Unlimited. And don’t you forget it. So click on the links below and get your free e-books today!

“Flashy Fiction and Other Insane Tales” by Jen Wylie and Sean Hayden

A paranormal anthology of the strange, bizarre, and just plan weird.


“The Scarab” by Scott Rhine

There are very few problems that can’t be solved with a little help from your friends and the proper application of high explosives.


“Anthology of Evil” by JZ Murdock 

A collection of short Horror and Sci Fi stories by the author, including a favorite of actor Rutger Hauer.



“Godspeed Inc: A Naomi Kinder Adventure” by Vincent Miskell

The Science Fiction Encyclopedia calls Godspeed Inc. “a tense thriller set at the edge of the solar system and the first of the Naomi Kinder stories.”


“Killing Anniversary” by Ian St James

Epic family saga which grips to the very last page.




“Outside the Box: A Short Story by Laurie Boris

Although he’d rather be home watching football, Pete attends an avant-garde gallery opening with his fiancée and learns more about modern art than he’d ever imagined.