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free ebooks earth-237955_960_720Poor February. Such a short month. Only four Thursdays. Boo hoo. So slide on up right now and get yourself some new eBooks!  You can fill up that Kindle now with the free and 99 cent eBook deals right here on Thrifty Thursday.

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  1. Confessions of an Ugly Girl
    Alice Wasser
    An ugly girl finds love with an unlikely hero.


    1. Acoustic Guitar Care 101: A Survival Guide for Beginners
      David A. Ogren
      Get your copy of this essential book on guitar care, and instantly improve your skills in guitar maintenance!

      FREE from Feb. 27 – March 3, 2017

    2. Guitar Quotes: Inspiration from the World’s Best Players
      David A. Ogren
      This incredible collection of quotes and sayings from the best guitar players on the planet will both inspire and motivate you in life and music!

      FREE from Feb. 27 – March 3.

  2. Flight of the Ferryman
    by William Irvin Rice
    On the way home, a computer of the funeral spaceship Charon wakes up the crew from their cryo sleep after it detected signs of life in ship’s morgue.

    $0.99 February 24 – March 3, 2017

  3. Owl’s Eye View Magazine Volume 8 – Issue 2
    Terri DelCampo
    A dark fiction monthly featuring columns, poetry, and short stories written by Terri DelCampo and her ongoing fictitious characters.

    99 cents

  4. Tides Of Chaos
    Lori R. Lopez & Blaze McRob
    In a world gone mad, the apocalypse has arrived. Can Elvie and Ed save the planet? Can they save themselves?

    99 cents

  5. Life First
    RJ Crayton
    Strong-willed Kelsey Reed must escape tonight or tomorrow her government will take her kidney and give it to someone else.


  6. Concealed
    RJ Crayton
    Elaan was supposed to be safe in the underground bunker, but uncovering the secrets concealed below may be the only way to keep the danger away.

    99 cents

  7. Love in Times of War
    Uvi Poznansky
    Written by bestselling, award-winning, and USA Today authors, the novels and novellas in this collection celebrate the victory of love.

    FREE 2/23/2017-2/27/2017

  8. A Touch of Passion
    Uvi Poznansky
    Lose yourself in a touch of passion: boxed set of romance novels by bestselling, award-winning, USA Today & NY Times authors

    FREE 2/23/2017-2/27/2017

  9. Amadea: One Spring in France
    Michelle Granas
    “A quick, entertaining, wonderful story”—Amazon review. Love and unusual friendships develop in a French village.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  10. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  11. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  12. The Body in the Bed
    Jerold Last
    Visit Montevideo, Uruguay for a fast paced, action filled international mystery.

    $0.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

  13. The Body in the Parking Structure
    Jerold Last
    Can you figure out whodunit before private eye Roger Bowman does? Good luck!

    $0.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

  14. The Body in the Alpaca Pasture
    Jerold Last
    A whodunit mystery featuring an exotic setting, a complex murder case, and a suspenseful plot.


  15. Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum: FREE
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    Four heroes, two romances, one traitor and one assassin – the goddess Earth needs them to heal her power and save their world.

  16. The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: Inspector Cullot Mystery Series Book 1
    by Alan Hardy
    Inspector Cullot is called in following the murder of two blonde bimbos at Bounderdales Mansion

    $0.99 for this week

  17. Amelia’s Children
    by: Greta Cribbs
    What really happened to Amelia Davis on that cold night in 1985, and how is her death connected to a mysterious stranger who has just come into town on “personal business”?


  18. The Fat Kid Within: How to Ditch Dieting, Celebrate your Body and Feel like a Million bucks
    by Ahmed Seif
    This science simplified, action-oriented book details the body of science revealing that the FUNDAMENTAL problem is in the BRAIN.

    FREE on February 23rd

  19. High Stakes
    By Chad Strong
    Gambler Curt Prescott is caught between two women who couldn’t be more different. Can he stay alive long enough to choose his true love?

    FREE now until February 28, 2017 at most ebook retailers

  20. The Collar and the Cavvarach
    by Annie Douglass Lima
    Can a teenage slave win the Krillonian Empire’s most important martial arts tournament and free his little sister?

    FREE Feb. 23 only

  21. Shadows Of Life
    by Dr Nazreen
    A compilation of poems and prose, dealing with quotidian feelings such as love, longing, lamentation, and moreover, the spaces between them.

    Only 0.99 for 2 weeks

  22. Gwen – Welsh Warrior Princess
    David Pryce
    Sometimes being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, if your father demands you marry a king you find revolting, what’s a girl to do?


  23. History Bytes: 37 People, Places, and Events that Shaped American History
    by Nick Vulich
    American history is full of strange paradoxes, and that’s what makes it so interesting.

    FREE on February 26 – 27

  24. Weight Watchers Ultimate Guide To Living The Weight Off
    by Dr. Michelle Danville
    This guide book shows a few advanced recipes the works in conjunction with the weight watchers diet system that uses the smart points.

    FREE until February 28th

  25. Trolling Jemma Harvey
    by Stu Lane
    After Jemma is abused online, she resolves to track down the trolls and teach them a lesson they won’t forget.

    FREE until March 13th

  26. EKO
    Loren Walker
    Set in the tech-fantasy world of Osha, a trio of estranged siblings become the unlikely protectors of an evolving teen psychic.

    FREE via Kindle Unlimited
    99 cents to purchase anytime!

  27. 1. Ghosts in the Graveyard and Other Tales
    2. Kathleen McClure
    3. Eight flash fiction pieces that will transport you across a landscape of time, space and emotion.

    5. Free from March 2-March 3

  28. Book Title:- The Wooden Bell: A Short Novella
    Author Name:- David Richard
    Blurb: This is the story of an inappropriate dream and human needs.

    * This book will be FREE from March 10, 2017 to March 14, 2017.

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