Sorabh Saxena Wins Flash Fiction Challenge

Sorabh Saxena is the Readers’ Choice in this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge. The winning entry is decided by the popular vote and rewarded with a special feature here today. (In the case of a tie, the writer who submitted an entry first is the winner per our rules.)

Without further ado, here’s the winning story:


northern lights 05282017 flash fiction writing prompt copyright KS Brooks
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by Sorabh Saxena

Stefan’s pale and slim, veiny hand delicately held onto the ribbed branch of the tallest pine tree in the Western Birchwoods Forest, a few miles from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. The ruby ring on his middle finger gleamed through crusted blood under the full moon.

Perched nimbly upon one of the tallest and sturdiest branches, his black trench coat was the perfect camouflage. His presence was unknown to the surrounding living souls and to those who might be arriving. Stefan twitched his head slightly towards the sound of a rumbling SUV. His bright, blue eyes were now inquisitive. He was not alone in this vast, picturesque expanse.

With the Aurora Borealis on full display, city dwellers had come out to the wilderness to enjoy the view.

Kim and Jon disembarked from their SUV and moved towards the fringe of the forest. Wolf sightings had been reported, but they forged ahead, ignoring the warnings.

“Northern Lights are great…”  Jon froze.

Kim followed Jon’s gaze. From the dark abyss, a pair of yellow eyes emerged. What followed was perhaps the biggest wolf they’d ever seen. As the wolf moved towards them, Jon felt a piercing pain on his neck from behind. But the fangs were not of the wolf. Kim’s neck was suddenly snapped like a branch. The wolf devoured what remained as Stefan walked away, wiping the fresh blood off his face.

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