eBook Deals March 22- 28

Here you go – a bunch of hot new free and bargain eBooks to read, just for you! You’re going to need these while you’re sitting at the beach, or on vacation, or just hanging at home. You can fill up that Kindle now with the free and 99 cent eBook deals right here on Thrifty Thursday!

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  1. Lantern: The Complete Collection
    Chess Desalls
    “a shared tale emerges of how lives may develop and love may burgeon” – Kirkus Reviews

    New cover edition—99 cents through April 2!

  2. Trust No One
    Mel Parish
    A conversation she was never meant to hear. A life forever changed. To survive Maggie must outwit her enemies, but who are they?

    $0.99 (99p in UK) until March 25.

  3. Waning Metaphorically
    Michael Poeltl
    A multi-genre anthology of short stories from the mind of Michael Poeltl ranging from gothic horror to sci-fi to historical fiction and everything in-between.

    FREE March 23rd – 25th.

  4. Bloody Valentine
    Michael F. Rizzo
    A new bike messenger finds his way but stumbles on a vampire coven and is left for dead.

    $.99 until 3-31-2018

  5. The Call
    Laurie Boris
    A sharp young umpire faces a moral dilemma: keep mum about a cheating player or risk her baseball career.

    $0.99 until March 25

  6. Ghost Walk (A Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Book 1)
    by Melissa Bowersock
    Ex-cop Lacey and Navajo medium Sam investigate murders–by talking to the victims.

    Always 99 cents.

  7. Skin Walk (A Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Book 2)
    by Melissa Bowersock
    Sam and Lacey head to the Navajo reservation to confront a shapeshifting, murderous witch.

    99 cents thru 3/25/18.

  8. Demon Walk (Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Book 6)
    by Melissa Bowersock
    Sam and Lacey use magic to battle a ghostly demon that threatens San Juan Capistrano.

    99 cents thru 3/25/18.

  9. Castle Walk (A Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Book 9)
    by Melissa Bowersock
    Sam and Lacey travel to Ireland to investigate hauntings in an ancient Dublin castle.

    99 cents thru 3/25/18.

  10. The Sigian Bracelet
    by George Töme
    A thousand years ago, an alien fleet locked the Antyran world inside a weird space distortion. Now it is time to find their secrets.

    $0.99 (+ tax). Free with Kindle Unlimited.

  11. The Origin of Murder
    by Jerold last
    Climb on board an exciting, if murderous, cruise through Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. Survival of the fittest takes on a whole new meaning.

    FREE until Sunday, March 25th. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

  12. The Body in the Bed
    Jerold Last
    Visit Montevideo, Uruguay for a fast paced, action filled international mystery. Who killed the body in the bed?

    $0.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

  13. Show Don’t Tell. How to Show the Five Basic Emotions in your Writing ( fear, love, sadness, anger, joy)
    by Mary Papas

    99 cents

  14. How to Show Anxiety, Disappointment and Hope in your Writing
    by Mary Papas

    99 cents

  15. What is Important in Short Fiction?
    by Mary Papas
    What are the 6 important things you should know when writing short fiction?

    99 cents

  16. Do you Write About Yourself?
    by Mary Papas
    Do you write about yourself? Pick up on the warning signs.

    99 cents

  17. Relationship Status: It is Complicated. A collection of short stories
    by Mary Papas
    3 short stories about complicated relationships with shocking endings.

    99 cents

  18. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller. “Original,” “beautiful.”

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  19. Amadea: One Spring in France
    Michelle Granas
    “A quick, entertaining, wonderful story”—Amazon review. Love and unusual friendships develop in a French village.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  20. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  21. Where There’s A Will: Inspector Stone Mysteries #1 – Free
    Alex R Carver
    Losing a child is every parents’ worst nightmare, but its worse for the Keatings, Alice wasn’t lost, she was taken.

  22. An Eye For An Eye: Inspector Stone Mysteries #2 – 99c
    Alex R Carver
    A series of murders, each one different, leaves Nathan Stone with a tough case, can he figure out what is going on before he and his family are in the killer’s crosshairs?

  23. Into The Fire: Inspector Stone Mysteries #4 – 99c
    Alex R Carver
    New cases and new problems, including a body in a car, leave Nathan Stone and his team struggling to keep their heads above water.

  24. Title: Clear as Blood – slice of life
    Author: B. Pepinesq
    Do you go to the supermarket to buy a ‘throat cutting’ knife?

    FREE one day only Thursday March 22 “Enjoy”

    by Ann Girdharry
    Crime Thriller
    Nightmares, memory loss and an urge to kill – Sophie has it all. But is it really Post-traumatic stress disorder? Or something more sinister…

    0.99c this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  26. Title: True Love Test – together forever?
    Author: B Pepinesq
    Be sure to read the author’s disclaimer before trying this out at home!!!

    Friday March 23: FREE for one day only “Enjoy”

  27. -100: A Time-Travel Horror Romance
    by Jonathan Maas
    When Kela invents a device that can send herself back in time, she decides the first person she’ll tell will be her boyfriend, Adam.

    FREE until March 25th

  28. Ted Bundy: The Horrific True Story behind America’s Most Wicked Serial Killer
    by Ryan Becker
    The most fearsome Serial Killer in U.S. history.

    FREE until March 24th

  29. Jinnspeak: A Novella
    By M. S. Farzan
    A popular online roleplaying game may hold the secret to saving Golden Mountain High School, but only if Zahra can decipher Jinnspeak!

    FREE Friday, March 23

  30. Title: Truthful Magik – “I only laugh when it hurts”
    Author: B.Pepinesq
    Certainly an ‘Odd Read’ possibly best read only by fans of ‘Pépinesque.’

    FREE one day only Saturday March 24 “Enjoy”

  31. Intuition – Your Sacred Gift
    by Michael Basch
    You have a sacred gift – the knower who can lead you to fulfillment, joy and a sense of strong self-worth and confidence.

    FREE until March 26th

  32. The Prosperous Author-Two Book Bundle-Box Set
    by Cassandra Gaisford
    Do Less, Achieve More: Master the Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Authors

    FREE on March 25th

  33. Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat
    Susanne Haywood
    The story of a well-travelled ginger tomcat and his restless human family. Won the 2017 Stephen Memorial Award for distinctive cats by Bookangel.

    FREE from March 26 – 30

  34. The Book Of Balance: Rehab Secrets To Improve Your Balance And Decrease Your Risk Of Falling
    by Lex Gonzales
    he Book of Balance is an easy-to- read practical guide that shows you how to add life to your years by improving your balance.

    FREE until March 28th

  35. The Relics of Aiden
    H. A. Lutfi
    A magical adventure filled with friendship, suspense, dragons and war!

  36. 1. TITLE: Planet on Purpose: Your Guide to Genuine Prosperity, Authentic Leadership and a Better World
    2. NAME: Brandon
    3. BLURB: Discover the science and power of your higher purpose (more fulfillment, impact, income, leadership, vitality, attraction) and a proven path to unleash it.)

    5. $0.99 until Saturday 3/31

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