Indie Author Newsbreak 9-6-2018

indie author newsIt’s Friday again. You know what that means. You don’t? Aw, sorry, Skippy.

Okay, it means, if we really have to tell you, that it’s time to get edjumacated about the goings on in the publishing industry. There’s always something new, and we mean to ruin it for you. Wait, that r-word was supposed to be REPORT, not ruin. Silly me. I hate it when my fingers get typing Tourette’s.

There’s another vanity publisher in town – can you believe it? These guys just don’t get that we’re on to them already. But it’s true – David Gaughran writes about HarperCollins’ new offspring: Elm Hill Books.

Suddenly, everyone wants to get into the book business – or at least when it involves selling them at a beach resort on a beautiful island. The Guardian reports that even a White House press officer joined the race for this bookshop job in the Maldives.

And Penguin Random House has made some waves (not at a nice beach resort, though) with their new policy on lending eBooks at libraries, Publishers Weekly reports in their article entitled Penguin Random House Changes Library E-book Lending Terms. The consensus is that this is bad news for authors with series books, and hopefully they will realize this is yet one more reason that going indie is better.

redneck indie author hat-591973_960_720In other news, some authors have been getting creative in their quest for the almighty dollar. One author who shall remain nameless (because I made him up) lives in the back hills of a remote area and realized he needed a vocation that would enable him to write while on the job. And, with the favorite local sport being alcohol consumption, he decided to start his own designated driver business. He calls it “Guber.” Way to go, dude! I bet he gets some juicy stories during his fares.

Next week, we’ll see what other interesting innovations redneck writers have created, or not.

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  1. I can’t believe I was ever so naive as to think publishers existed to produce books by good writers. They care about books (or writers) only as far as they can make a buck off them, even when it means partnering with or even running vanity presses. What a letdown.

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