eBook Deals Dec 6 – 12

santa kindle ebooksThe holidays are around the corner, and we’ve got the deals right here! Fill that reader with free and 99 cent eBooks! We have plenty here on Thrifty Thursday.

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40 thoughts on “eBook Deals Dec 6 – 12”

  1. Lifting the Lid
    Rob Johnson
    “A superb adventure-comedy… Lifting the Lid will grab you and pull you along for a fun and wild ride.” – Readers’ Favorite Reviews

    $0.99 TODAY ONLY

  2. Heads You Lose
    Rob Johnson
    “A highly entertaining, well-constructed screwball comedy that is as enjoyable as it is well written.” Keith Nixon (Big Al’s Books and Pals)

    $0.99 TODAY ONLY

  3. Karma Walk (A Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Book 15)
    by Melissa Bowersock
    Book 15 of the popular paranormal mystery series about an ex-cop and a Navajo medium.

    Regularly $2.99

  4. A Bad Day to Die: Adventures of Deputy US Marshal Bass Reeves
    Charles Ray
    With new posse men and a new cook, Bass pursues a band of outlaw brothers into Indian Territory.

    99 cents

  5. A Cowboy’s Christmas Carol
    Charles Ray
    Ed Summerfield hated Christmas until three ghostly visitors changed his life.

    99 cents

  6. Showdown at Carson’s Ford: Gunfight at River’s Edge
    Charles Ray and Fred Staff
    Bass Reeves and Katie Quantril team up to nab a gang of outlaws in Indian Territory

    99 cents

  7. A Tree for Dad (a short novella)
    Laurie Boris
    Margie’s ready to bail on her desire to revive her family’s Christmas traditions, until she meets an old friend at the tree farm who can use some help himself.

    Free 12/6-7

  8. 1. Scapegoat
    2. Deirdre Gould
    3. The Designated Scapegoats provide a release for the rage of a tightly controlled society. No matter what, they will not fight back. Until now.

    5. Scapegoat will be free until December 9

  9. A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales
    John D. Ottini
    This book contains four heartwarming Christmas stories about our feline friends and the humans who love them.

    Price – $0.99  (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

  10. Riding the Second Wave: How Feminism Changed Women’s Psychology and Mine
    My life as a feminist, psychotherapist, and the ideas that changed women’s psychology and the psychotherapy that was supposed to heal them.
    free 12/6-12/8

  11. DRAGON’S GAP: Set Includes Stories 1-3 Plus Love’s Catalyst
    L.M. Lacee
    An omnibus edition in the popular fantasy-romance. This digital set contains the first, second and third fantasy adventures PLUS a Novella.

    .99 cents 12/8

  12. DRAGON’S GAP: Reighn & Sage’s Story
    L.M. Lacee
    Unexpectedly with the return of the Elementals bringing the news Magic has returned to Earth therefore signalling the return of all…

    FREE 12/10 – 12/13

  13. Rise Again After Divorce: The 5 Keys For Women To Heal Wounds, Resurrect Dreams And Create A Life Full Of Love by Sara Gibbons
    How to climb out of that pit of emotional pain and get back on track fast, for a life filled with peace of mind, optimism and purpose.

    Free Sun 9th to Tues 11th December 2018,
    99c Wed 12th to Fri 14th December 2018.

  14. Warpworld
    by Kristene Perron & Joshua Simpson
    An ambitious explorer. A rebellious captain. Together, they’ll change the course of history…

    Permanently FREE

  15. Biarritz Passion: French Summer Novel Book 1
    Laurette Long
    Suspense and slow burn romance in this page-turner set in exotic Basque country ‘beautifully written by a master story teller’

    FREE 7,8,9 December

  16. Hot Basque: French Summer Novel Book 2
    Laurette Long
    He had her at ‘bonjour’. Romance in France. ‘Joyfully written prose with champagne bubbles at the tip of the pen.’

    FREE 7,8,9 December

  17. 1. Doll making step by step lessons
    2. Elena Kunin
    It is not just a master class on making one clay doll, but an entire course of private lessons, over 200 hours in length.

    5. Free on 12/13/18 to 12/17/18

  18. Not Going Gently
    By Alex Henderson
    A poignant and darkly hilarious tale of friendship, regret and the need to squeeze the juice out of every day we’re given.

    Free on Amazon – December 8

  19. Dragon’s Gap: A Novella: Love’s Catalyst
    L. M. Lacee
    Claire’s adopted daughter wanted her own daddy that can fly and her new awakening instincts as a tiger cub lead her to Lars. Prime to…

    Free 12/8- 12/12

  20. Shadow Souls (The Mal’Ak Cycle Book 1)
    by Christopher A. Nooner
    Welcome to the south, the hidden center of occult America. A wild land where tales of gods and demons, werewolves and shapeshifters whisper…

    FREE until the end of December

  21. 1. Book title – The 12 Terrors of Christmas
    2. Author name – Claudette Melanson
    3. A one sentence blurb – Christmas served with a slice of horror

    5. Whether your book is free or 99 cents (and for how long/what dates) – .99 until the 5th of January

  22. House Divided: The Chronicles of Madoc, America’s first Welshman
    by Dai Pryce
    Family…Blood that binds also Divides. 1170, and the death of a great ruler leaves a power vacuum in the North Wales kingdom of Gwynedd.

    FREE until December 11th

  23. The Keyboardist’s Career Guide: A 10-Step Plan to Your Dream Job in the Music Business
    by Gregg Akkerman
    You Keyboardists Have Been Lied To! Careers in the music business don’t require years of studying music theory and advanced performance skills.

    FREE until December 10th

  24. M.A.D.E. Chronicles: The Ghost Indwelling
    M. Nova
    Superheroes. Monsters. Angels. Gods. Magic. Powers. Love. War. The end of the world. What more could you want?

    $0.99 through 12/13/18

  25. You Can Be a Top Performer: 9 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career
    Iris Yu
    “Wisdom Gained From a Full Life of Experience” -Amazon review

    $0.99 this week (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

  26. The Road to Alexander
    Jennifer Macaire
    Ashley, a time travel journalist, is mistaken for Perseophone and kidnapped by Alexander the Great, stranding her in 333 BC.
    now only $0.99!

  27. Rise Again After Divorce: The 5 Keys For Women To Heal Wounds
    by Sara Gibbons
    Are you having trouble coming to terms with a divorce or the loss of a close relationship?

    FREE until December 11th

  28. THE ABDIEL PROPHECY BOOK ONE: Sandra, Dee, and Elizabeth
    by Nora Capone
    A normal family discovers they are descendants of The Underworld and their very existence is part of a prophecy to take over the world.

    Book one – always 99 cents

  29. Experience Over Degrees: The Blueprint to Get You the Job Your Degree Doesn’t
    by Rishav Khanal & Alex Strathdee
    Congrats on your College degree! Hope you weren’t expecting a full-time job.

    FREE on December 11th

  30. Sedition (The Outerlands)
    by Aleigh Schuster & Monica Lake
    In a world divided by power, sacrifices will be made…Lives will be lost…But it is the betrayal that will hit hardest of all.

    Price: $0.99 through the month of December (FREE on Kindle Unlimited)

  31. Marshland
    by D. R. Bell
    Ben snaps out of his seclusion when he tries to understand why an old friend killed himself and realizes that this is no longer the same neighborhood.

    FREE until December 16th

  32. Rubber Band Stocks: A Simple Strategy for Trading Stocks
    by Matthew R. Kratter
    “Rubber Band Stocks” is a simple but powerful way of trading stocks. This strategy is easy to understand and easy to trade.

    FREE until December 13th

  33. 1. Book title: Short Stories to Enthuse, Amuse and Bemuse
    2. Author name: Tannis Laidlaw
    3. A one sentence blurb: Clever, shocking, sardonic, break-your-heart or warm it up: these short stories can enthuse or upset, seduce or snub, but are never boring!

    5. The dates the book will be free: Sunday Dec 16th until Thursday Dec 20th

  34. DRAGON’S GAP: Reighn & Sage’s Story
    L.M. Lacee
    Unexpectedly, with the return of the Elementals bringing the news Magic has returned to Earth therefore signalling the return of all…

    FREE from the 12/16 for 4 days until 12/19

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