Do You Write Books in a Series? You Need a Series Page!

whale reader books-1841116_640Do you write books in a series? Do your readers know that your book is part of a series? They want to know. They need to know. And, they need to have an easy way to access the other connected books.

Nowadays, there’s such a thing as a “whale reader.” Whale readers gorge themselves on books, and they tend to prefer books that are in a series because, like everyone, their time is valuable, and they want to invest that time wisely. What could be wiser than investing time in a character they will be able to continue to read about?

So it makes sense for writers to be wise as well, and attract whale readers by letting them know you have a series. But how can you do that? When publishing on Amazon’s platform, you’re given a wonderful opportunity to have your own series page, and it’s very easy take advantage of. Here’s what you have to do. Continue reading “Do You Write Books in a Series? You Need a Series Page!”