Publishing Wide

I Know What I’m Doing, But I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

woman with blurry face anonymous authorGuest Post
by Anonymous Author

I was one of the early passengers on the KDP Select train back in 2012. I promoted my book for free, got a pile of sales when it went back to paid, and touted KDP Select (KDPS) to everyone who’d listen. This brief moment in the sun took me to all corners of the intersphere and even got me into print and on the wireless in a few content-deprived areas. I was all about Amazon and KDPS, and with subsequent releases, I stayed exclusive to Amazon. But as S.E. Hinton wrote – that was then, and this is now.

Recently, I decided to release a box set of my trilogy and I wanted to go wide. There are so many different outlets today, and I wanted to make my book available to readers who may not frequent Amazon. Continue reading “Publishing Wide”