Things Readers Wish Writers Knew – by K.D. Rush

K.D. Rush

K. D. Rush is the author of the forthcoming novel, The Guild Inc., a supernatural thriller:

The Guild, a secret organization that can trace its lineage back to the dawn of civilization, has accumulated wealth and power beyond imagination. Entrance into this powerful, male only society, is strictly by birth. When an unexpected pregnancy triggers an ancient prophecy, many see it as an imminent danger to the organization. Some view it as mankind’s next evolutionary step.

Today, K.D. hits IU readers with a top ten list of things readers wish writers knew:


As a new writer my credentials are slim. Yes, I hope to finish my first novel this year, and no, I don’t expect to miraculously become an expert on the topic of writing once it’s published.

However, there are a few areas where my experience might be helpful to the new writer, or struggling author. I would like to share a few things from a reader’s perspective that could possibly save you some time and frustration. Continue reading “Things Readers Wish Writers Knew – by K.D. Rush”