If You’re Looking for a Writers’ Conference

writers conference meeting-83519_640Guest post
by Marian D. Schwartz

If you’re looking for a writers’ conference and you’re an indie, there are more conferences focusing on your interests today than there were when I last posted about conferences on Indies Unlimited in 2013. Well over 200 writers’ conferences will be held in the United States in 2019.

Your choices are broader if you want to attend workshops and lectures on the craft of writing than they are if you’re a self-published author who is specifically looking for ideas that will help you successfully market your books. There is no reason why a writers’ conference can’t offer workshops in craft and in self-publishing. Some offer a good balance in both, but many of them are tilted more toward one choice than the other. Continue reading “If You’re Looking for a Writers’ Conference”

Do You Need to Be Closer to More Writers?

author write-insIn real estate, they say it’s all about location, location, location. But, does the same hold true for writing? Not in terms of the state or country you live in, but in terms of whether your write alone or in proximity to other writers.

While we generally all have writer buddies from whom we ask for advice or critiques, do we have buddies we actually sit and write with? I mention this because my local writers group started a weekly “write-in.” During that time, group members meet at a public library and write together. No, not on the same project, just in the same vicinity as each other. Write-ins are fairly common during National Novel Writing Month.

When I first heard the idea of a write-in, I was a little dubious. Continue reading “Do You Need to Be Closer to More Writers?”

Writing May Surprise You

surprised by writing amazed-19214_960_720I’m not sure when my life became so encapsulated by writing that I began to put parameters around it. I don’t write horror. I don’t write erotica. I don’t write crime dramas. I never tell the same story twice, and I never, ever write sequels.

And yet we all know that writing can be a whimsical mistress. I’m not a planner; I don’t have my next three novels plotted out. Most of the time when I’m done with one book, I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write next. Not the plot, not the characters, not even the genre. After I finish writing a book, I will allow myself to lounge in the fallow field of not-knowing, waiting for the muse to glance my way, crook a finger at me, and wink.

Well, never say never. Continue reading “Writing May Surprise You”

Giving Thanks That I’m a Writer

Giving thanks that you're a writerThis is my favorite time of the year—a time to reflect and give thanks. This season reinforces how lucky I am to be a writer. It doesn’t matter if you’ve published or not. Pause for a moment and think about all that is great about being a writer.

Every day, we have a laser focus on our surroundings. There’s a story behind every bush, building, and mountain. We look at bars, churches, and the kitchen different from anyone else. We look for meaning behind the lost glove on the street. Continue reading “Giving Thanks That I’m a Writer”