April is Mr. Pish Month

pish head for farm sign clearNo joke, April is Mr. Pish month. “What the heck does that mean?” you ask. It means that we continue our celebration of the life and exploits of the famous traveling terrier who was also our mascot.

Mr. Pish visited 41 States, Washington DC, and 7 Provinces of Canada to discover awesome places to share with his readers. He traveled and lived with our admin, K. S. Brooks, and together the two wrote eight children’s books, 13 calendars and planners, one activity book, and one educational app for Apple and Droid products. All of Mr. Pish’s books and products promote outdoor learning and literacy.

But why April? Because Mr. Pish’s birthday is this month, and he’s still thought of every day. And he’s incredibly cute. Can you really resist that adorable face? Mr pish in Spokane on blocks

Seven Years and Still Going …

Seven years ago, the Evil Mastermind launched Indies Unlimited. Since then, we’ve had over 2.5 MILLION page views, been named as one of Six Great Blogs for Indie Authors in Publishers Weekly, and ranked as one of the top writing-related sites by Alexa.

We have evolved greatly since those early days, but never lost sight of providing free, high-quality content for independent publishers and readers.  We’re proud that readers and authors alike trust our content, and we’re grateful to all of you for spreading the word about us.

Indies Unlimited is run by volunteers. Kudos to all the minions past and present for donating their time and energy to provide excellent articles, advice, and tutorials for our audience.

Thank you, everyone, for making Indies Unlimited a success and a community. It could not be one without the other. We look forward to another year filled with great things for all.

The 2017 Flash Fiction Anthology Now Available!

EBOOK COVER editors choice Great news: the Indies Unlimited 2017 Flash Fiction Anthology is now available as an eBook! It will look great on your eReader, but we know you know that already.

The eBook is available in all Amazon stores. And for only $1.99!! But wait, there’s more! If you act now, the book is free through July 8th. Yes, we know we’re awesome. You’re welcome.

Photographs by K. S. Brooks. Prompts by Stephen Hise & K. S. Brooks. Authors with stories in the anthology include: Richard R. Blake, Melissa Bowersock, Regina Clarke, Paula Evans, Judith Garcia, Ara Hamilton, Yvonne Hertzberger, Pharrel Katz, Dale E. Lehman, George Lightgood, D. Doug Mains, Kevin P. Michaels, Mark A. Morris, J. R. Nichols, Annette Rey, Diane Selby, Lynn Sheridan, Lou Silvestri Arlene Stanton, DK Stoneburch, Steven M. Stucko, Marc Twine, Morgan Winters, JB Wocoski, Mickey Wright, and Ann Zimmerman..

Just in case you missed it, the Indies Unlimited 2017 Flash Fiction Anthology is AVAILABLE NOW at Amazon.com. The print editions will be out soon – maybe, if you’re nice to us. Don’t be the last kid on the block to get one!