Meet the Author: M. J. Neary

Author M. J. Neary

Meet award-winning historical essayist, multilingual arts & entertainment journalist, novelist, dramatist and poet, Marina Julia Neary.  She also serves as an editorial reviewer and steady contributor for Bewildering Stories magazine.

Marina has a passion for telling untold stories and for “illuminating the dark side of the moon.” She incorporates real historical figures into her narratives and works to give them psychological dimension.

“For instance, in one of my novels, Wynfield’s War (a sequel to Wynfield’s Kingdom, both published by Fireship Press), I show a dark, almost demonic side of Florence Nightingale, who is regarded as a saint by the medical community. Within each saint there is a demon – and vice-versa,” she says.

When writing her books, she envisions the storyline, but writes  various scenes and then assembles them into one big mosaic, rather than approaching them in a sequential order.

She finds her inspiration in the past, “. . . in the smell of obscure rare books that have been out of print for decades. That’s the ‘indie’ side of me, I suppose. I usually don’t read bestsellers and don’t watch blockbusters. I like to dig up lost treasures.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: M. J. Neary”

Meet the Author: Valerie Douglas

Author Valerie Douglas

Valerie is among a handful of authors who cross genres with ease. She writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and even erotic romance under her pseudonym V.J. Devereaux.

Valerie describes herself as a fan of authors from almost every genre, from Isaac Asimov to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. See what I did there? Kind of an A -Z thing, except there’s no “Z” in the list.  (Note to self: Do not adopt pseudonym starting with letter Z.)

Valerie lives among a veritable menagerie of animals, including two dogs, four cats, an African clawed frog, and a husband. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Valerie Douglas”

Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari

Alex Canton-Dutari

Author Alex Canton-Dutari (Alejandro Cantón-Dutari) was born in the Republic of Panama in 1944, where he still resides. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and worked in the field of clinical sexology from 1967 to 2006.  Though retired from clinical practice, his grandson, Dieguito insists he is not retired because,  “Abuelito, you write books.”

Alex is a widower with three boys and four grandchildren.  He describes himself as  a humanitarian by belief and actions, and stays interested in world affairs.

He is a prolific indie author who has published short novels, a textbook on sex therapy, two self-help books on sexual orientation and many scientific articles. He is not the kind of man who’ll be nervous or put off by the fact that this interview may be read by upwards of a dozen people. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari”