Chapter 2 of Martha Randolph Carr’s “Wired”

When I asked friend and author Martha Randolph Carr to share a sample of her latest novel with Indies Unlimited, she was more than generous. This is chapter 2 of “WIRED.” You can read part 1 here.

Martha describes “WIRED” as an old school thriller set in 1989 just before the age of the internet, cell phones, home computers or even ATM’s. She invites the reader to “Enjoy reading about an era that had more in common with the technology of 1889 than 2011 and a time when people had to lay eyes on each other and communicate face to face if they were going to stop a killer.”

If you enjoy the sample, please drop a comment to let Martha know.

“WIRED” is available as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and iTunes. Also, be sure to check out Martha’s excellent website.  I extend my thanks to Martha for sharing with us. Continue reading “Chapter 2 of Martha Randolph Carr’s “Wired””

Rave Review for Susan Wells Bennett’s “Wild Life”

Susan Wells Bennett’s latest book, Wild Life, which focuses on the intersecting lives of a bitter retiree, an aging actress, a recent widow, and a gay bartender, is the first in her Brass Monkey series. Together, they find acceptance, love, and danger. You can read Annarita Guarnieri’s review.

The second book, Charmed Life, focuses on Sondra Lane, an aging actress who has spent her life on the verge of success, but never quite achieved it. Charmed Life will be released in November 2011.

Congratulations, Susan!

Memoirs From the Asylum

This is the video trailer for Kenneth Weene’s novel, “Memoirs From the Asylum.”

When life terrifies, where do you flee? To the asylum. This tragi-comedic novel of life in a state hospital challenges us to understand the human need to find personal freedom and meaning. A native New Englander and now Arizonan, Weene spent his professional life as a psychologist and pastoral counselor, a career that helps him draw this compelling picture of a world of insanity.

Memoirs From the Asylum is available in print, Nook, and Kindle

Meet the Author: M. J. Neary

Author M. J. Neary

Meet award-winning historical essayist, multilingual arts & entertainment journalist, novelist, dramatist and poet, Marina Julia Neary.  She also serves as an editorial reviewer and steady contributor for Bewildering Stories magazine.

Marina has a passion for telling untold stories and for “illuminating the dark side of the moon.” She incorporates real historical figures into her narratives and works to give them psychological dimension.

“For instance, in one of my novels, Wynfield’s War (a sequel to Wynfield’s Kingdom, both published by Fireship Press), I show a dark, almost demonic side of Florence Nightingale, who is regarded as a saint by the medical community. Within each saint there is a demon – and vice-versa,” she says.

When writing her books, she envisions the storyline, but writes  various scenes and then assembles them into one big mosaic, rather than approaching them in a sequential order.

She finds her inspiration in the past, “. . . in the smell of obscure rare books that have been out of print for decades. That’s the ‘indie’ side of me, I suppose. I usually don’t read bestsellers and don’t watch blockbusters. I like to dig up lost treasures.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: M. J. Neary”