Notice: Thrifty Thursday, Print Book Paradise, and Kindle Unlimited Fridays are available for authors who wish to promote their books on Indies Unlimited. We also accept guest post submissions.

Books submitted for features before April 5, 2015 will be processed in the order in which they were received. You should be hearing from us shortly.

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Self-Serve Features – still open

Indies Unlimited offers four different free self-service promo features. These are opportunities for you to promote your books at no cost to you. Thrifty Thursdays are for 99¢ e-books and free e-book promotions, and are run every Thursday at 5 a.m. Pacific time. Print Book Paradise (also known as Mr. Pish’s Print Book Party) is for print books that are available for $15 or less, and runs every Sunday at 5 a.m.

It is not necessary to query to participate in these features. Simply go to the post and place the following information in the comment section:

1. Book title and price info;
2. Author name;
3. A one sentence book description;
4. ONE link (to a major online retailer) to download the book; and
5. Coupon or discount code information, if required.

PLEASE do not post links to erotica, religious, or political books.

Indies Unlimited’s Weekly Flash Fiction Challenge

This feature is so awesome that it has its own page. Check out the particulars of the incredible IU Flash Fiction Challenge here.

Guest Post Feature

This is an article written by a guest author and featured on the site with a picture (head shot) of the author, a short byline, and links to their website and Amazon Author Central pages. These features allow you to share your expertise and experience, or even just an opinion with others in the community of authors. You can see examples of the Guest Author Feature HERE and HERE. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please check out the Guest Post Submission Guidelines here.