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Author K.S. Brooks
IU Admin & Award-Winning Author K.S. Brooks

As a newbie here at IU, I’ve developed a list of questions over the past few weeks. I had a virtual sit-down with the woman in charge to quench my curiosity about dealings with authors, feedback about their books, and how it feels to be constantly paying it forward. The answers surprised and disappointed me a little. I convinced Ms. Brooks to publish my findings as an interview, because I thought others might have the same questions, and might have drawn the same assumptions I had.

Kyle: IU gets hundreds of emails from authors. I know I only coordinate a small number of them, so that means you are doing the rest, which must take up a monumental amount of time. Why do you do this when you could be spending your time writing? Continue reading “An Inside Look at Indies Unlimited”

The Making of Bad Book (Part 1)

This is the story behind the story of the indie collaboration of the ages. It had to be told in three parts because it is just that epic. Also our video manipulation software is outdated. But mostly the first thing.

Brooks. Hise. Mader. Three indie legends who cast off the shackles of obscurity and through sheer force of will and inconceivable individual talent now stand to make personal fortunes in the tens of dollars.

You have questions and we have answers. There is probably no hope of matching those up though, so we wrote our own questions and answered them here. If these were not the questions you had, feel free to write your question out long-hand on the back of a $20 bill and send it to me. If these were your questions, I suggest you consider upping your medication.

Here are some excerpts of the good parts of some reviews of Bad Book on Amazon:

“So in short, Bad Book, is a fine book. Real fine. Pam Grier in the seventies fine. Buy it. Read it. Experience it.”

—Rich Meyer 5 star review on Amazon

“Don’t read it unless you expect to snort, roll your eyes, shake your head, grin, chuckle or guffaw. Try to stay serious. I dare you. ”

—Yvonne Hertzberger 5 star review on Amazon

“Brooks, Hise and Mader complement each other to a tee and bring to the table their individual brand of humour, satire, and whimsicality and seamlessly braid their talents into a masterpiece.”

—Cathy Speight 5 star review on Amazon

“So many classics to have a blast with. And each time it went from funny to hysterical. Just thinking about it makes me want to read Bad Book again.”

—Zachary Conklin 5 star review on Amazon

Resistance is futile. Bad Book is available for Kindle through Amazon UK and Amazon US. Buy your copy of Bad Book before it becomes mandatory reading. That will look better for you.


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