May I have your card? by Elena DeRosa

Author Elena DeRosa

Before I published my first eBook, Fractured Façade I pondered the best/cheapest way to get the word out on a local level. I no longer lived in Brooklyn, so hawking it on the subway was out, as was selling eBooks from an open car trunk. I could don two sandwich boards — the book cover on my chest, and the website on my back — troll the streets of Roanoke, ring a bell and wail, “Bring out your dead! I mean…Buy my book!” Nah. Too much work. Besides, I’m looking to cut my interaction with the public, not increase it.

The best marketing/promotion style for me would be a passive/aggressive approach using a “leave behind.” One where I could deal with people if I chose to, but my preference would be a quick hit and run, leaving my calling card which somebody would stumble upon and find intriguing enough to take. That’s what I went with. And, it’s been working pretty well. Continue reading “May I have your card? by Elena DeRosa”

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