A Word From the I.A.B.

Indies Unlimited is brought to you in part by the International Association of Bureaucrats. Remember, if the paperwork wasn’t properly filed, it never happened.

In the founding of every nation there are those who take up arms and fight for the cause and those who supervise the people who oversee the organizational units containing the clerical staff who type up and file the requisitions that make it possible to achieve victory within or slightly exceeding categorical budgetary constraints. Continue reading “A Word From the I.A.B.”

Stay Tuned for This Important Message

Indies Unlimited is brought to you in part by Char-Master Laser Death Rays.

Whether you need to defend your skull-shaped island from unwanted intruders or to obliterate individual targets from orbit, the Char-Master Laser Death Ray will meet all your needs. Our solid-state circuitry and patented plasma coil capacitors make short work of even the heaviest jobs. Easy-to-follow tutorials and 24 hour online support assure you will achieve mastery with amazing speed and become the envy of every evil mastermind on your block. Continue reading “Stay Tuned for This Important Message”

Contest Winner Announced

Indies Unlimited is brought to you in part by the Procrastination Society International.

The Procrastination Society International is pleased to announce the winner of the slogan contest for our Spring, 2006 competition has been decided. Congratulations to Allie Gettuit for her submission, “Procrastination is the one thing that can’t wait.”

We apologize for the late decision on this entry, but since Allie’s entry was submitted past the deadline, we had to await a decision by our panel of judges.

Allie will win fabulous prizes (to be determined at a later date) and will receive a special commendation at our 2006 annual meeting, whenever we hold that. Please congratulate Allie when you get the chance.