Sneak Peek: The Stone Dragon

Today, readers are treated to a special sneak-peek at Tom Kepler’s fantasy-adventure book, The Stone Dragon.

“Dream magic is the most dangerous of magics because it is so difficult to control.”

The Stone Dragon by Tom Kepler

An awful knowingness entwined Glimmer. Like the tightening coils of a constricting serpent, an intuitive knowingness encircled him until all doubt left, like breath crushed within muscled coils.

“Ye both’ll have much t’ talk about,” Cabbage-pants had said; “. . . ’tween you and the hearthstone,” he had said.

Placing his mug carefully upon the flagstones, Glimmer slowly stood, strode with heavy deliberateness to that legacy of when the tower had stood alone, strode to the ancient, reinforced door that connected the kitchen with the house’s communal room. Opening the door, he stepped into the large room, empty and dusty from disuse, his footsteps echoing.

He turned and faced the room’s hearth, his eyes without surprise taking in the sight of a lively fire crackling in the firepit, a fire of dancing and glowing light vibrant with energy, and all this manifesting from a meager collection of sticks and branches bunched upon the firestones. Light rippling upon the mantelpiece, light drawing arabesques upon Glimmer’s arms, light reflecting off stone—and then one stone high upon the stonework above the firepit—a single, oval obsidian stone captured light . . . and blinked.


Find out more about Tom’s writing at his blogThe Stone Dragon is available in both paper and e-book formats: Amazon US and Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, SmashwordsSony, and Kobo.