Ultimate Indie How-To

You are an indie author enjoying typical indie success. You spent a few bucks having your book professionally edited, sprang for a professionally designed eye-catching cover, and you took the precaution of paying to have the book professionally formatted for multiple platforms. It’s been available from the biggest bookseller in the whole world for over a year now and you have raked in $9.72. That leaves you a little over $400 in the hole. At least a few thousand people downloaded it when it was free, right? You got two reviews out of that.

It may be that your book about time-traveling vampire elves who solve murder cases is the exemplar of its genre. You’ve followed all the advice, building your back catalog. Now you have three books out in the Time-Traveling Vampire Elf Murder Mysteries. It seems that no one cares. You’re still getting jack squat. You’re probably a book or two away from writing yourself into the poorhouse. Continue reading “Ultimate Indie How-To”