The Five Stages of Indie Author Development

growthIndie writers go through a growth arc as they learn and apply new skills in their writing and in the many other aspects of book production. We don’t have the luxury of passing a manuscript off to Emily, the bright-faced publishing house intern, who will take it from there. Being independent means being responsible and engaged with every aspect of  book production.

Nobody comes out of the birth canal with all the requisite skills and knowledge. We each have to learn the intricacies of the business for ourselves, and this can be challenging. Fortunately, the indie author community is remarkably good about sharing information. It is a rare thing indeed to run into an indie author who is not willing to talk (sometimes at great length) about tips, tricks, scams, strategies, or shortcuts they have learned along the way.

I like to think Indies Unlimited is also a great help to indie authors. This site has a tremendous repository of information available at no cost whatsoever. We also have a few handy reference books available at pretty reasonable prices (ahem). Continue reading “The Five Stages of Indie Author Development”