Spam Spam Spam

Author Valerie Douglas
Author Valerie Douglas

… Otherwise known as BSP or Blatant Self-Promotion and SSP, shameless self promotion. Now, I have to be honest here, I have a real problem doing any kind of self-promotion. Yeah, yeah, I know, a little hard to believe from me but there you go.  I’ve actually been told a time or two that I don’t do it enough. I want to have my books stand on their own, for some magic fairy to come out of the sky, tap them with her fairy wand and *poof* they’re on the best seller list.  (Oh… and just so you know… that doesn’t work. )

So self-promotion is a necessary evil – how else do we get our names known, get our book or books out there where people can see them? Continue reading “Spam Spam Spam”

Indies Unlimited Press Release

We here at Indies Unlimited are beginning a national and regional media blitz.  It is all part of Evil Mastermind Hise’s plan for world domination.  You may see the following press release floating around the internetosphere.  Then again, you may not.  Either way, you heard it here first.  Or, I guess, you read it here first.  Our fearless leader Mr. Hise would have posted this message himself, but he was too busy gleefully rubbing his hands together whilst emitting an evil laugh.   Oops, now he’s choking.  I need to get him a glass of water.


New Web Site Will Be A Resource for Indie Authors and Readers

Phoenix, AZ – 05 Jan 2012 – Indie Author Stephen Hise has launched a new website called Indies Unlimited.  The goal of the site is to celebrate, educate, and promote independent authors. Content includes interviews, articles, links, video book trailers, contests, reviews, industry news, tutorials and recommendations.

“We are at the beginning of a technological revolution in how books are written, published, marketed, purchased, and read,” Hise explains. “I started Indies Unlimited to showcase the amazing amount of talent in the indie author community. I hope to connect authors with each other and with readers as well.” Continue reading “Indies Unlimited Press Release”