Video Trailer: Doorways to Arkomo

Doorways to ArkomoWithin Arkomo’s Four Kingdoms, one hundred princes are raised in total seclusion, preparing for the Departure — a sacred ceremony that will allow them to live freely among their people. But Sorel, Arkomo’s only princess, fears the Departure isn’t what it seems.

One night Sorel opens a magical Doorway into a strange world — the place she calls Hospital — and meets eleven-year-old Grace who is desperately ill. Together, Grace and Sorel embark on a journey to reveal the dark truth about the Departure. With Grace growing sicker each day, and Sorel dangerously close to being discovered, they’ll need a miracle to survive.

Doorways to Arkomo, the middle grade fantasy book by Jacqueline Dooley, is  available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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