In Like a Lion: New March Releases

Rawr! Here are five new releases for you to check out during the blustery days. Beware the ides of March!

IU 2013 Flash Fiction Anthology 120x177Indies Unlimited 2013 Flash Fiction Anthology

51 winning stories from 24 authors from around the world. How can you resist a caveman named Og, or a headsman’s haunted chopping block?

The Indies Unlimited 2013 Flash Fiction Anthology is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

netherbrookcover 120x177Netherbrook: Luxury Living in a Private Wilderness
by K. S. Brooks

A book about a house. Because a one-of-a-kind home deserves to have its story told. And there’s no place like Netherbrook.

Netherbrook: Luxury Living in a Private Wilderness is available for free on Smashwords.

Housework Harmony 120x177Housework Harmony: Building a loving partnership through domestic cooperation by Andrew McAllister, PhD

Shows couples how to cooperate at home like never before, creating a closeness that will spill over into the rest of your relationship.

Housework Harmony is available through and Amazon UK.

Battle for the Afterlife Saga 120x177Battle for the Afterlife by CJ Davis

When a Navy SEAL arrives in the Afterlife, he’s confronted by a looming war where evil is trying to enslave all the souls in the universe.

Battle for the Afterlife is available at and Amazon UK.

Sky1 Foundation 120x177Sky1 – Foundation by William Amerman

When a quarantine is imposed on Nick’s Ground, he and his family are trapped. The only way out is to break laws that carry a penalty of death.

Sky1 – Foundation is available at, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

Five More Titles for February

Five more titles for February!

True Colors 120x177True Colors by Melissa Pearl

A sweet romance with a sinister twist. What if you could suddenly see behind people’s masks? Dark secrets carry dangerous consequences.

True Colors (The Mask Series #1) is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

Purple Girl 120x177The Purple Girl by Audrey Kane

This adventure book for young readers highlights the life of Violet, a purple-skinned girl whose purple spreads to everything she touches…

The Purple Girl is available through and Amazon UK.

Burning Through 120x177Burning Through by Melissa Bowersock

When a woman discovers she shares her Victorian home with a fire-setting ghost, she and a sympathetic fire captain work to unravel the mystery.

Burning Through is available at and Amazon UK.

–                  –                        –               –

500 Miles to Go 120x177500 Miles to Go by J. Conrad Guest

A love story that touches four decades, 500 Miles to Go is about the importance of, and the risks associated with, the pursuit of dreams.

500 Miles to Go is available at, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

Day we said goodbye 120x177The Day We Said Goodbye by Ken La Salle

What do you do when your father is losing his life just as you are losing your mind? The Day We Said Goodbye – available in eBook and audio.

The Day We Said Goodbye is available at and Amazon UK.

Fun Titles for February

New month, new titles.

Bum Luck 120x177Bum Luck: A Crag Banyon Mystery by James Mullaney

When a desperate leprechaun needs to locate his lost pot of gold he calls on Crag Banyon, just the start of a string of bum luck for the PI.

Bum Luck is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

blessed are the wholly broken 120x177Blessed Are the Wholly Broken by Melinda Clayton

The tragic story of a modern couple who, having suffered a devastating loss, unwittingly find themselves hurtling towards self-destruction.

Blessed Are the Wholly Broken is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

Agency Rules 120x177Agency Rules by Khalid Muhammad

Some battles are for freedom, this one is for survival! @AgencyRulesPK – the spy thriller that takes the battle to the Taliban.

Agency Rules is available at, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

The AnniversaryThe Anniversary by Mel Parish

A young detective must overcome his guilt following his fiancée’s death or risk losing the job he loves.

The Anniversary is available at and Amazon UK.

–                  –                        –               –

whats in my shorts 120x177What’s In My Shorts? by J. M. Preiss

Aliens who own humans. A boy, a dog, an AK47. A Princess, a barbarian. A lonely girl, a dominate couple. Twenty short, not so short stories.

What’s In My Shorts? is available at and Amazon UK.

New Titles Available

Happy New Year! Here are four new titles to check out.

Alinors Shard 120x177Alinor’s Shard by Brian Beam

In a world consumed by shadow, the Dark God rules uncontested. Will the power of Alinor’s Shard be enough to end his vile reign?

Alinor’s Shard is available through and Amazon UK.

cookin with the hopkins 120x177Cookin’ with the Hopkins by Jacqueline Hopkins

This collection of recipes is the author’s favorites regularly made by her mother while growing up during the 60s & 70s in Colorado & Idaho.

Cookin’ with the Hopkins is available through and Amazon UK.

Self publishing made simple 120x177Self-publishing Made Simple: A How-to Guide for the Non-tech-savvy Among Us by Melinda Clayton

Compare and contrast distributors, format manuscripts, register copyrights and much more, all in this plainspoken, easy to follow guide.

Self-publishing Made Simple is available at and Amazon UK.

Eugenic reprisalEugenic Reprisal by J. M. Preiss

Cpt. Mason Smith and Lt. Jacob Brown are sent on another exciting part of their adventure in hopes to stop the impending apocalypse.

Eugenic Reprisal is available at and Amazon UK.