The Fear, The Dream, and The Reality – Releasing A New Book

White Rock Christmas An authors dreamIn the dream, my new release hits number one on the bestseller charts. Readers burn through my back catalogue and buy everything I’ve ever written. And someone super-important (after they beg profusely) pays me a large amount of money to get me to complete my next project. I have the same dream prior to the release of every book. The day I don’t have that dream is the day I’ll stop publishing and only write for pleasure.

Before the dream though, cometh the fears. Continue reading “The Fear, The Dream, and The Reality – Releasing A New Book”

Launching Your Book – What’s Working?

book launch rocket-launch-67641_640As we wade into Fall and leave the sales doldrums of summer behind, it’s a good time to look at what’s working and what’s not working. Many sales outlets that authors have used in the past have become either less effective or totally ineffective. But, if you have a new book on the horizon there is good news. By executing a successful launch, you can gain enough momentum to earn consistent sales or have a strong enough initial surge that you can comfortably move on to writing the next book.

I polled a couple of authors recently who employed different tactics when launching their books. Some of their strategies were very interesting. Here are a few of their suggestions: Continue reading “Launching Your Book – What’s Working?”

The New Book Release “30 Day Cliff”

1998 quebec cliff photo by K. S. Brooks do not use without permission
Photo by K. S. Brooks

Whatever your writing and pre-publication process is, you’ve done it: your book is edited, proofread, formatted, and you have a cover that you love. You’ve hit the publish button. You’re probably not thinking that the next 30 days may make or break your book’s success. But that just might be the case. So, now what?

For most of us, the first steps go something like this: send an email out to your newsletter subscribers. Those should be your most ardent fans and supporters. They will give your book a nice little boost right out of the gate. Up next, social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, and wherever else you want. The big question that most authors face is, what then? Continue reading “The New Book Release “30 Day Cliff””

New Indie Releases – November Edition

Tick tock tick – that holiday countdown has begun… Grab your list and check out these hot new indie releases.

Stark Raving Maddie 120x177Stark Raving Maddie by Richard Dela Cruz

Maddie takes a cross-country trip to save her sister from a sexual predator but ends up kidnapped and imprisoned in a creepy basement.

Stark Raving Maddie is available for Kindle and in print from, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon UK.

The Carnarvon Creeper 120x177The Carnarvon Creeper by Martin Murphy

A grieving man’s journey takes a mysterious turn, leading to a terrifying encounter in the remote Australian outback.

The Carnarvon Creeper is available on and Amazon UK.

Searching For Hope book cover 120x177Searching for Hope by Michael Joseph

A mysterious death leads PI Sam Carlisle into a world of dark secrets, shady characters and a family torn apart by tragedy and betrayal.

Searching for Hope is available from and Amazon UK.

????????????????????Rebels Divided by Lance Erlick

Betrayed by their respective régimes, an Outland frontiersman and a Union warrior must overcome mutual distrust to unite in order to survive.

Rebels Divided is available at, Barnes & Noble,and Amazon UK.

Mediterranean Beef Recipes 120x177Incredibly Delicious Beef Recipes from the Mediterranean Region by Vesela Tabakova

Mediterranean beef recipes are amazing. Healthy and delicious Mediterranean beef meals will help you lose weight and improve your health.

Incredibly Delicious Beef Recipes from the Mediterranean Region  is available through and Amazon UK.