a Handy Research Tool

research2I love research, I hate research. Who’s with me on that one? But as authors we must able to create realistic worlds for our characters. And if you’re writing anything historical, you need to know what folks were saying back then.

You wouldn’t use the word “head honcho” in a 1940s era novel; the term didn’t come about until the 1970s. You might still hear “be-bop,” that’s been around since the 40s. Shaun McLaughlin did an excellent IU guest post about Google Books Ngram Viewer.

Since I’m researching the WW II era for a historic romance novel, I needed to be savvy on some of the lingo that was used back then. So I did an internet search and typed in “American slang from the 1930s and 1940s.” I got a lot of junk on my return search, but one site caught my eye. Continue reading “ a Handy Research Tool”