My Perception Is My Reality

Dew drops on a spider web.

Pred•a• tor noun \pre-de-ter\ •a person who looks for other people in order to use, control, exploit or harm them in some way.

When I think of a predator the first image that comes to mind is the adorable Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park. How sweet it looked as it established eye contact with Dennis Nedry (Newman). The cooing was so disarming. He had no idea he was dealing with a clever hunter until it unfurled its collar, spit its venom, and went in for the kill. Continue reading “My Perception Is My Reality”

Preditors and Editors Needs Your Help

We were very pleased to learn that Indies Unlimited has been listed as recommended by Preditors & Editors (P&E) in the site’s Promotional and Marketing Services section.

For those few who may not yet know, Preditors & Editors is a valuable resource for writers, representing something along the lines of a Consumer Reports for the publishing world. Before you shop your manuscript, it pays to check with sites such as P&E. If nothing else, check them out before you ink any deals with anyone.

On a personal note, I will relate that P&E helped keep me from making what could have been a costly mistake. When I first finished my novel, I shopped it to every agent I could find. The only two who responded with interest were listed in P&E as NOT RECOMMENDED.

Both these “agents” saw a lot of promise in my manuscript if only I was willing to invest a little money in editing, formatting, marketing, cover design, publicity, carpet cleaning, etc., and fortunately, they happen to provide exactly such services. Continue reading “Preditors and Editors Needs Your Help”