Wave Hello to ReadWave

A few weeks ago I was cold-emailed by a charming chap called Rob Tucker who wanted me to check out his website for writers. He’d been reading my blog, he said, and had enjoyed it. My writing might be a good fit for ReadWave. I very nearly put it in the ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ pile, I get these emails from time to time. Don’t we all? But something about his tone made me read it again; it actually sounded as though it came from a real person. He wrote, ‘ReadWave is a place where you can write about anything – an idea, a life experience, a travel adventure or a moment of inspiration – as long as it’s under 800 words.’

Well Rob couldn’t have known but the 800 word thing hooked me in. Before blogging was invented (and before I knew whether I was a writer or not) I used to pretend that I had a humour column in some fancy newspaper or other and I’d write regular snippets about things that amused me. Back then I’d given myself an arbitrary length of 800 words, just for the sake of self-discipline. The pieces had never seen the light of day, apart from the occasional guest blog, and I wondered if this could finally be somewhere to give them an airing. So I checked out the website. Continue reading “Wave Hello to ReadWave”