Congratulations to Crystal Storm

Congratulations to author Crystal Storm on having her science fiction Synarchy Series turned into a television/web series! The first episode should air in early March 2013.

Thirteen bloodlines, The Roshaniya, fanatically loyal to their gods – the Anunnaki –  have controlled the planet since history was written. In 1925 Stefano Vasco Terenzio, head of the Terenzio crime family, makes a deal with the Anunnaki to solidify his control over the American Mafia. Stefano’s true goal was to put his family in a position so one day they would be able to turn on their masters.

But, what started out as an “ego trip” turned into a quest to give humanity a choice it has never been given. When allies become enemies, and the tenuous link holding together the one family that can save humankind shatters, can the Terenzios find the inner strength to finish what they started and expose the invisible chains that keep humanity down?

“I’ve always wanted to shoot something that talked about how the impossible is possible…” – Aaron Williams Producer/Director.

The first two books in the Synarchy Series are available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and other online booksellers.

Congratulations to Steven M. Moore

Congratulations to author Steven M. Moore on a great review of his science fiction book, Survivors of the Chaos.

Civilization passes through a social singularity. The U.S. and E.U. break apart. China collapses. Companies consolidate and expand around Earth and to the far reaches of the solar system, becoming the glue that prevents anarchy as they contract mercenaries to brutally maintain order and ensure profits.

Three reluctant heroes rise above this Chaos. A mild Midwest rancher becomes a vengeful vigilante in the Big Apple; an aging astrophysicist struggles to save alien artifacts found on one of Saturn’s moons; and a tired and reluctant mob enforcer finds a new life aboard a starship on its way to 82 Eridani.

Pulitzer-nominated reviewer David W. Menefee of says of the book, “Readers steeped in current literature will appreciate the brevity of scenes that burst in front of you with a blinding flash of startling detail and then exit as quickly as a comet streaking through the night sky.” You can read the whole review here.

Survivors of the Chaos is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.