Embracing A Muse – or Two

Salvador and Gala Dali

This was not the first topic I chose for my weekly post. I had planned on discussing why I feel every author of adult fiction should include one steamy, gratuitous sex scene in their novel. At least one. But the subject of sex in novels has already been discussed, so I reach my hand back into the cookie jar – oh no! Why must I be tortured!

The semi-colon. Is this a cruel joke? Punishment by punctuation? I never put this idea into my virtual cookie jar as a topic for reflection. Someone here at Indies Unlimited must have done so. I will make a bold and controversial statement thus drawing the ire of all competent editors. I believe the semi-colon has outlived its usefulness, except as an embellishment at the end of a declarative sentence. So there! Continue reading “Embracing A Muse – or Two”