Who Reads Your Book? How Knowing Your Reader Can Help

your reader woman-309201_960_720 (002)As authors and writers, we are always looking for new ways to connect with readers. In spite of countless ‘how to” posts and training programs, no one has, as yet, produced a consistently successful method for growing a following and selling books to new readers.

Advice changes constantly as promotion companies and sites appear and disappear, and as algorithms in Google, the Zon, etc. steer readers in different directions.

It struck me a short while ago that perhaps many of us are going about it all backwards. Continue reading “Who Reads Your Book? How Knowing Your Reader Can Help”

A Butterfly On The Wall

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” – Muhammed Ali

The Heavyweight Champ. Photo courtesy of PredictEm.

I was going to title this post “A Fly On The Wall”. The problem is that when flies aren’t on a wall where do they like to hangout? The picture that immediately popped into my mind was that of a fly sitting on a steaming pile of poop or a fresh road kill. This is not the visual I’m going for. Please delete the unsanitary snapshot and replace it with the image of a lovely, striped butterfly gracefully moving its wings as it rests briefly in anticipation of the next flower it will feast upon.

As your friendly neighborhood butterfly I enjoy secretly listening to the conversations around me. This stealth reconnaissance has yielded some fascinating information I would never have discovered had I asked a direct question. I highly recommend developing this talent. This is not to say that if the conversation is of a highly personal nature I want to hear it. There are conversations that cause me to make a quick exit out the nearest door. I don’t want to know the results of your colonoscopy or your recent bout with extreme flatulence. Recently, however, I overheard a useful conversation my son was having on the phone with a friend.

“No, don’t post it to Facebook. Facebook is a pain in the butt; no one will see it on your wall. Use Twitter. Then everyone will know where and when we’ll all meet-up.” Continue reading “A Butterfly On The Wall”