Co-Creativism (That’s a word now)

Guest post
by: Daniel Stiles

Authors, in my experience, and as a general rule, are solitary folk. Granted, I base this information entirely on the only author I know personally and spend considerable time with, myself. Often, I certainly do not enjoy my company, and I like to believe it’s the same for other authors. It makes me feel closer to them even as I despise them for it.

I find such a mindset understandable considering an author’s work can serve as an author’s creative child. A child must be guarded and protected until ready to be presented to the world as a full fledged adult. Only at that time can a parent step away to allow society to appreciate the brilliance that has been spawned. Nobody wants others to know about the problem child locked in the attic rattling chains and breaking windows. That’s why authors can’t have guests over. However, sometimes it makes two to create a child. All right, maybe it always takes two to create a child, but we’re talking about stories here. Continue reading “Co-Creativism (That’s a word now)”