Making Video Trailers on by Pete Morin

Author Pete Morin
Author Pete Morin

Thanks to IndiesUnlimited for inviting me to share some thoughts about book promotion.

The genesis of the invitation itself is worthy of note. As part of my marketing efforts, I spend a bit of time occasionally dropping in to the many LinkedIn writing-related groups. One of the threads was a discussion on what people do to promote their books. I posted a comment with links to several short teasers I composed using the website. Within minutes, K.S. Brooks messaged me with an invitation to discuss them. So – social networking works.

What is Surely you’ve seen the iconic So You Want to Write a Novel! In November of 2010, aspiring novelist David Kazzie uploaded the clip to promote his novel, The Jackpot. Since then, the clip has amassed 230,000 views. There was a time after it came out when it was all over the web. Has it helped sell The Jackpot? Hard to say, but it certainly hasn’t hurt. Continue reading “Making Video Trailers on by Pete Morin”