Enticing the Muse: Forcing the Inspiration to Write

inspiration to write courtesy of Pixabay amazing-736885_640Most of us here, I think, have commiserated from time to time about plugging along slowly on a book, getting down a few hundred words a day instead of a few thousand like we’d prefer. We’d like nothing better than to turn that tap on wide open, getting the full-blown flow of words that come so fast we can barely keep up. If only we could control that tap… but how?

I know of no one who possesses that secret. Sure, we’ve heard suggestions: lock yourself in a room, hang a sign on the door, notify family and friends to leave you alone until you surface again, keep noises and distractions to a minimum, employ favorite foods, drinks, music. Which is all fine and may set the scene, but does it actually open up that tap? Not usually. Continue reading “Enticing the Muse: Forcing the Inspiration to Write”