Thank You! from Indies Unlimited

Whether you celebrate the American tradition of Thanksgiving or not, it is a good idea to stop once in a while and reflect upon the things in life for which you are thankful.

We are thankful for all of you – our friends, fans, and virtual families.

Thanks for stopping by here on your all-too-busy days. Thanks for sharing our posts with your friends and acquaintances. Thanks for  sharing your expertise and experience in wonderful guest posts and thoughtful commentary. Thanks for your support with donations, buying promotional services, gear, and books. Thanks for making Indies Unlimited such a cool place.

For those of you who do celebrate, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving day. Enjoy your repast. Get some good rest. You’ll need it. Tomorrow is Black Friday!

Author: Administrators

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9 thoughts on “Thank You! from Indies Unlimited”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am a new author and am so happy I found this site. I really love it here. Thanks for all that you do to keep it running.

  2. Giving thanks today for this wonderful community of which I am a small part. So grateful for friends, readers, fans, fellow writers and–most of all–Indies Unlimited for all its support, encouragement and empowerment.

  3. And our thanks to all of you busy and wise folk who keep IU rolling over with such a wealth of interesting an informative stuff. You’re all gems! 🙂

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