Minion Spotlight: BigAl

BigAl with a hatAs you probably know by now, the staff authors here at Indies Unlimited are referred to as minions. No one is sure exactly how or when that started, but it stuck. What you may not realize is that all the minions (and everyone) here at IU work for free. That’s right, they don’t get a dime out of this. They do it out of the goodness of their hearts. So our Fearless Leader (admin) thought it would be nice to give some props to the minions by featuring each of them in a spotlight interview. We hope you enjoy it.

What is your name?

BigAl. Camel case, no space. No last name. Really. I promise. (There are easy ways to figure out more, but I’m not giving you hints.)

What is your quest?

One definition of quest I found is one that might ring a bell amongst this literary crowd. “An expedition undertaken in medieval romance by a knight in order to perform a prescribed feat.” I have a strange travel goal that I think might be close enough, to visit every county in the United States in my lifetime. That sounds kind of like a quest to me. Continue reading “Minion Spotlight: BigAl”