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IU Print Book Party book-222538_640Print books. Love ’em, right? Us, too. So, it only makes sense that you’d want to use some of your gift cards to get some great new reads! You can grab some at bargain prices right now during the Indies Unlimited Print Book Party.

Want to help readers discover some fine indie writing at reasonable prices? Here’s how it works:

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56 thoughts on “Print Books for March 2021”

    J.J. Cunis
    “This is a book to savour … Stories such as this are too infrequently encountered. Treasure it.”
    ON SALE $ 14.95

  2. The Night Stands Still $13.95
    Vincent Miskell
    After WWII ex-Army Intelligence officer hunts escaped Nazi war criminal Heinrich Muller

  3. Ghost (The Justice Chronicles Book 1) $10.99
    Michael Jack Webb
    Enter a world where nothing is what it appears to be, and every clue leads an extraordinary woman deep into the heart of darkness and beyond

  4. The Oldest Enemy $11.99
    Michael Jack Webb
    What do a former Auschwitz guard, a Noble Prize-winning reporter, an Israeli Mossad agent, and an ancient demonic entity have in common?

  5. Fall of the Western Kings $14.95
    J Drew Brumbaugh
    An epic fantasy with demons, dragons, magic swords, wizards, a girl who can fly, a woodland nymph who will steal your heart and Gant, a reluctant hero.

  6. Infernal Gates $12.99
    Michael Jack Webb
    Ex-Special Forces Ranger, Ethan Freeman, is drawn into a conspiracy, millennia in the making, battling ancient Sumerian gods.

  7. Weasel Words: Bernard and Melody Caper #1
    By: Dale E. Lehman
    Bernard and Melody are hired to nick a silver weasel from a family of rich buffoons. A tough job, but it may offer more than it appears!

  8. Space Operatic
    By: Dale E. Lehman
    The edge of the solar system. Grand opera. Greed, rebellion, mercenaries, inanity and insanity. How hard can it be to stage a performance?

  9. Unchained Words
    by Javier Dario
    Twenty short, fantastic stories and seemingly ordinary relationships, with a certain narrative brutality

  10. Palabras Desconectadas
    by Javier Dario
    Veinte historias breves, fantásticas y relaciones aparentemente ordinarias, con cierta brutalidad narrativa

  11. Chained Words
    by Javier Dario
    Thirty-five short stories about artificial intelligence, robots, beings from other planets and humans and how they interrelate

  12. Palabras Conectadas
    by Javier Dario
    Treinta y cinco historias cortas sobre inteligencia artificial, robots, seres de otros planetas y humanos y cómo se interrelacionan

  13. GOLD!—The Kincaid Saga, Book 1. (Thomas Greenbank)
    $12.99 from Amazon.
    Intrigue, twists, a hint of romance, a villain you’ll love to hate—a saga of greed, betrayal, family conflict, and murder.

  14. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Happiness $7.99
    Mark Edmondson
    Life is full of steps and missteps; this book’s personal essays helps navigate the path with short, insightful bits of wisdom and probing questions.

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