Featured Book: Mr. Pish’s National Park Centennial Celebration

Mr. Pish's National Park Centennial CelebrationMr. Pish’s National Park Centennial Celebration
by K.S. Brooks
Genres: Coloring book, activity book, ecotourism, educational children’s
Available at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Join the adventurous traveling terrier, Mr. Pish, as he celebrates the 100th anniversary of the United States National Parks with this all-ages activity book! Enjoy crossword puzzles, coloring pages, word searches, cryptograms, mazes, matching games, and more, all while learning about our precious national parks. Mr. Pish always makes discovering new places and things loads of fun!.


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What others are saying:

“The highlights were the narration coming from Mr. Pish himself. He is a precious character that charmed me every step of the way.” – R.B., Amazon Reviewer

Featured Book: The Last Challenge

The Last Challege by Sharon KaraaThe Last Challenge
by Sharon Karaa
Genres: paranormal romantic comedy
Available from Amazon.com and Amazon UK

Lauren Rutherford, the last descendant of the witch, Matthew Bulmer, stands alone to face a challenge to the death by three damned souls. Well. Almost alone. Agnes, her long dead ancestor, and the amazingly sexy male witch Daniel are here to help. Will they succeed and end the curse forever?

Book Excerpt:

“Ahh, you missed me, Lauren?” Satan sniggered, and I felt the familiar tug of attraction at his handsome features, naked chest and bulging loin cloth.

I started to chant, and this time, he changed in front of me, his glamour fading and leaving behind a four-foot-eight balding man with a thin frame. He was so thin and small, the loin cloth now looked like an oversized nappy.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. Natalia smiled. Agnes, standing outside the immediate eyesight of Satan, waved her hand back and forth, shook her head and mouthed “No!” at us. I realised she was trying to warn us off and I looked quickly back at Satan. He growled and then looked down at himself.

“Awe damn it,” he said, sighing. “All right, you’ve got me,” he muttered, jumping down from the throne and almost losing his loin cloth in the process.

What others are saying:

“Every character has their own lovable quirks and just about jump right off the page with such brilliant personalities.” – Sky, Amazon Reviewer

Featured Book: United States

United States by Nick MonserratUnited States
by Nick Monsarrat
Genres: Political Thriller
Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, and most major online bookstores.

In 2038, a powerful consortium of corrupt corporate and political leaders secretly conspires to hijack New York City from its citizens. Only a handful of the city’s elite dares resist, joining forces with New York State’s courageous female governor and a cadre of ordinary citizens to expose and fight the conspiracy.


Cecil’s taxi swerved onto 42nd Street in a downpour, then turned into the curb at New Media Tower. Cecil paid her fare and raced under the canopy of the entrance. Just below the rain clouds, a biplane banked low, then began a slow climb back skyward. It was clearly visible from where she stood, trailing a banner that read “Be alert! Report!” She took out a sketch pad and noted the toll-free number it included, fodder for the new public mural she was planning for a blank wall she’d spotted near the Whitney. Her purse slipped from her shoulder, and she stooped to retrieve it. From directly behind her came a loud pop, like a cap pistol going off. A beat more and a deafening explosion rocked the block. In the instant it took for the shock wave to strike her, she felt herself pitching face down onto the concrete apron of the entrance.

What others are saying:

“By incorporating a number of current hot-button issues–unbridled corporate greed and rampant social injustice…Nicholas Monsarrat has written not only a fast-paced story but one which depicts an alarming possibility for the future of our society.” – Roger A. Hamstreet, Amazon Reviewer

Featured Book: Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog DareTriple Dog Dare
by K.S. Brooks and Stephen Hise
Genres: Chick-lit, humor, rom-com
Available at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Mayhem ensues when Stu, a wealthy dog breeder, is forced to retrieve a prize pup from the woman he secretly loves. But the dog has become a celebrity, and Stu’s dream girl needs the pup to meet a publication deadline she was obligated to by her arrogant and controlling fiancé.


Terri then noticed Mike Gillette among the faces she knew. That ruthless little weasel. Terri now regretted her grubby attire. Dammit, Bianca, how can you be right so much of the time?! I should have listened to you.

Bianca, looking tall, splendid and lovely, beamed her million-watt smile as she fielded questions. Camera shutters were clicking away. Terri knew that Gillette would make certain to get a shot of her wearing her shapeless sweatshirt and baggy jeans, looking as sexy as a refrigerator.

Bastard! Terri started to fall in behind Bianca, thinking maybe she could just push past the feeding frenzy and meet Bianca on the other side. Maybe no one will notice me.

Bianca was about to remove her sunglasses when one of the reporters yelled, “There he is!” prompting everyone to turn away.

Seeing this as a chance to escape unwanted attention from Mike Gillette, Terri grabbed Bianca’s elbow and began gently urging her away from the throng.

What others are saying:

“This book would be an entertaining and super funny movie. It was so enjoyable. It had me in stitches throughout..” – Mystie, Amazon Reviewer